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Tomb Coffin Demon (2020)

Tahun: Durasi: 71 MinDilihat: 126 views

The tomb treasure Feiyuan Bead gets lost when the tomb of the former national diviner is robbed. Tiancheng, the Imperial Guard is made guilty of negligence of duty. He promises to redeem himself by locating the bead within three days, otherwise he would be punished. During his investigation on the bead, Tiancheng knows about Hua Lianshi, a prostitute from Zhaixing Brothel and finds the loss of the bead is inextricably linked with the brothel. There is ties between the brothel and Eastern Depot, the powerful spy agency, Chief Shen of yamen gathers evidence from his investigations of both cases including one missing teenage girl in town and the stolen Feiyuan Bead. Chief Shen and Tiancheng figure out together that both are related to Eastern Depot. The two have a hard fight with him but lose anyway because the head is so skilled in his moves. The truth brought into daylight.