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Atlantics (2019)

PG-13Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
Tahun: Durasi: 104 MinDilihat: 329 views
146 voting, rata-rata 6,7 dari 10

Along the Atlantic coast, a soon-to-be-inaugurated futuristic tower looms over a suburb of Dakar. Ada, 17, is in love with Souleiman, a young construction worker. But she has been promised to another man. One night, Souleiman and his co-workers leave the country by sea, in hope of a better future. Several days later, a fire ruins Ada’s wedding and a mysterious fever starts to spread. Little does Ada know that Souleiman has returned.

Bahasa:English, العربية, Français, Wolof
Anggaran:$ 1.600.000,00